Satbaran cave is situated some eight kilometers from the main city Kupwara and 130 kilometers from the capital mega city Srinagar. It is believed that this cave has secret coverts that ahead to Russia. The etymology of the name suggests that these grottoes have some relation to Russia which in Kashmiri language is famous with ‘Ruus’. Kalaroos village derives its name from the myths related to the grottoes , earlier called Qila-e-Roos, which means Russian Fort. Cave draw the attention of the people from touching areas and have come a popular tourist and games spot for the locals and the outlanders. Numerous explorers visit the cave every time to clarify the mystification that are bedded within the name of Kalaroos. The grottoes lies some half a kilometer from the plain lands, in middle of the timber region. While one substantiation the delve, a huge gemstone is set up just below the entrance of the delve that has some seven door – conformations sculpted on it. As per the original attendants, the door conformations contain some pivotal information regarding the grottoes that are seven in number, some are ditched due to landslides during the downtime season and also due to the other natural disasters.

It’s also believed through the folklores that earlier when the delve was open yet not much exposed to the crowd, a sound of running water used to heard some 2- 3 km inside the delve. Deep in the cave is the old discolored board which has manuscript written in Chinese. These grottoes have huge water bodies outside. A youthful man who lately visited the delve said he heard the sound of running water. Among the group of grottoes, one has a clear opening entrance, still after some distance, it requires professional ways to walk in due to the presence of honed uneven slopes. While on entering the cave, the coolness of the air and darkness increases tremendously, so one needs to take a high-power source with him before entering the potent and mysterious cave.

The structures formed inside the delve are unique and have a huge archaeological and geological significance. The Satbaran has rigorously drafted half- buried gravestone in the ground and half above as per the directions of the Gandhara Academy of Art, connected to the gravestone busts in the pond at Trehgam. The most recent and the only honored information about these grottoes has been handed by a group of Americans lead by expert cave explorers Amber and Eric Fies. They entirely delved the three grottoes in 2018 and reached the termination points for each of them, according to them, the possibility that two of the grottoes might have been connected in the history. While one of the two grottoes is thrust overhead and the other trends over, both of them have analogous elevations and azimuths. The explorers could not determine a similar elevation for the third delve as it was sealed by the defence forces several years ago to prevent militants from hiding in its crevices. The explorers concluded that there were no signs of any recent mortal passages in the third delve where they couldn’t reach the terminal end. The delve, still, had large porcupines. There’s a lot to explore about these caves and its literal significance, which can help further to investigate about them.

It’s adding to the sightseer inflow from last few years, since when the explorers from the abroad came to probe about it. Adventures keep on tracking the cave and it graphic in different seasons of the vale. It’s a high implicit sightseer destination, still requires a good road connectivity, in addition to the rustic hooches for convenience of the people visiting the cave. Archaeological department must also intervene to cover the prestige of the cave and its historic significance, its connected links remain yet to be discovered.

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