Make Hay While It’s Snowing

Jammu & Kashmir is geographically the best-suited place for winter games in India. The sporting spirits of people in collaboration and support from government and administration are bringing a new adventurous shine in the union territory. Winter sports in Jammu & Kashmir attract players as well as tourists who love adventure.

There’s a huge scope of winter games in Jammu & Kashmir. The popular winter games here include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe run, ice hockey, and snow baseball. In this write-up we are giving a small list of winter sports you can enjoy on your next Kashmir visit as a tourist. In fact, there are many Khelo India excellence centers for training youths in professional winter sports listed below.

While there are a number of places and slopes in the union territory where one can enjoy and learn snow skiing, most people are attracted to Gulmarg for this sport. One can use their skis for gliding over the snow-covered slopes of the mountains here as a recreational activity or can also practice for competitive sports.

You can get many amazing trekking options in India. But, if you are searching for the option of trekking on snow, there’s no better option than visiting Kashmir. You can find myriads of snow trekking options here if you come at the right time.

Yet not very popular among tourists but snow rugby has many local fans in Kashmir. It is one of the most loved winter sports for youth of Kashmir. The youth were introduced to snow rugby only about one and a half-decade back but today there are thousands of snow rugby players in Jammu & Kashmir. A significant portion of these players include young girls dreaming to build a career in sports.  

Kashmir is geographically blessed with snow-covered slopes ideal for sports like snowboarding. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular winter games in Kashmir. People from all over India including the locals enjoy snowboarding here as a recreational activity as well as a sporting activity.

A talk about sports can never be said to be complete unless we talk about ‘team’ and ‘team spirit’. Winter games in Jammu & Kashmir do not include only solo activities like skiing and snowboarding but also team sports like ice hockey. It is fun to watch local kids and young adults play ice hockey as children all over India play gully cricket.

This game of European origin has been recently introduced to Kashmir but has gained quite a good fame. After all, who does not like running? Snow covers are a part and parcel of youth of Kashmir and they are enjoying running over the snow covers with their snowshoes on. Introducing this as a competitive sport has given the youth one more option for building a good career.

Sports, even when taken as a recreational activity, play a good role in building personality. It not only builds physical stamina but also makes a person mentally strong. It is nice that the youth of Jammu & Kashmir are participating in winter sports that are ideal for their surroundings. Given the proper chance of budding, they can win for India in international tournaments of winter games, where India is currently lacking.   

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