The enchanting beauty, snow-clad mountains of Kashmir are not only what defines, “The paradise of the Earth” but also its exquisite cuisines that attract food lovers across the world while all the Kashmiri Cuisine are mouth-watering. Some are Mutton Rogan Josh, Kashmiri Rajma and Muji Gaad which has its own Mughal connection to it. If meat does not float your boat, there exist some cottage cheese: The Paneer Chaman in which paneer is slowly simmered in milk.

The rich dishes have evolved through several generations and have two distinct styles Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits. Signature dish in the Kashmiri cuisine is ‘Rogan Josh’ also called Rogen Ghost. It is an aromatic curried meat dish of red meat. A stirring alternative to the regular tea is Kaahwa which is made of traditional Kashmiri tea flavoured with Cardamom and infused cloves, Cuinamon and saffron.

Another savoury one can enjoy is Kashmiri Chaman (Paneer). This yellow Paneer Curry is among the few Kashmiri delicacies that uses turmeric. Haakh, popurly known as “Haakh-Saag” is prepared using collard leaves (locally known as Mounj Haakh). Tabak Maaz is considered to be the royal feed in Kashmir. This redolent dish has deep fries.

Mutton Chunk, locally known as Marschwagan Korma. Mutton Yakhni is prepared during celebration and is made by using mutton, curd, cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon. If one is travelling to Kashmir one should not miss Goohtaba which is made from minced meat and spices from the valley. Rista is a mouth-watering and beautiful dish, smaller than what Gostaba is. It is also made from minced meat and is served on special occasion in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Pulao is an authentic Kashmiri dish. It has an unforgettable sweet taste and this is what differentiate it from other pulav and biryanis which makes a person feel the taste of Kashmir and enjoy its beauty. These cuisine takes the Kashmir to the paradise not only of beauty but also of taste buds and allow us to forget the world’s taste and just fall in love, every second for the taste of Kashmir.

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