Young people are perhaps the most important & dynamic segment of the population. Their participation & decision making is the key to shaping a brighter future for all. Kashmiri youth- inspiring, optimistic, busy in chasing their dream. They are the driving force behind the valley’s progress. Breaking away from stereotypes, they are creating opportunities for themselves. These young people have potential to change the world with their ideas & creativities. They are shaping a better tomorrow. They are the real pillars of the country. It is the responsibility of society to channelize the energy of these young population in a constructive & positive form. They require a sense of direction, involvement & responsibility.

The youth of Kashmir have already suffered a lot, because of socio-political instability in the valley. They have faced number of challenges in the past. It is said that ‘Greatness does not come without hardship’; these young people of valley have rightly proved the above saying.  They have achieved a level of success in all sectors in spite of number of challenges. The youth are continuously striding on the path of development & growth in education, sports, professional field, competing shoulder to shoulder in every aspect. In education sector, number of students were able to confirm their place in prestigious institutes of India. Today, the topper of class 12 Board Exam in Kashmir- Aroosa Parvaiz is the girl who fearlessly expressed her thoughts on national issue. The ratio of Civil Services Officers from Kashmir is increasing day by day. The youth of Kashmir are exploring each & every field.  Arif Khan from Tangmarg area of Baramulla is the first-ever skier from India to qualify for the Winter Olympics 2022 in both slalom & giant slalom. Danish Farooq Bhat from Srinagar, a 25 years old boy, played in Indian National Team of Football. These are some of the examples of successful young Kashmiri individuals.

The aim of our country lies in the hands of our youth. The youth of Kashmir is also playing an important role in the politics of our nation. The youth of Kashmir has large share in current social & political change in the valley. They are the one who are keeping the valley stable without any disturbance. They are the problem solvers. Kashmiri youth has awakened about their role in development of the valley. They have become more sensible. Now, it is the responsibility of the nation to support all of them. Kashmiri youth does not want hatred from anybody; they don’t want disturbed valley, they don’t want radical thoughts which take them away from their own people. The young generation of the Kashmir is the most powerful & intellectual one. We as a nation must ensure not to waste their energy in favour of some radicals. The quantum of energy the youth has & the innovation which it can bring in the political setup of the valley needs to be utilised.

It is said that the best investment of parents is investing in the development of their child. We should seriously think about this basic thought for the development of our nation. As a nation we must invest for the upbringing of youth. We have to invest our wealth for the growth & development of young generation to make a drastic change in the current situation of the nation. Changes in Kashmir valley is the live example of the same. Only youth of the valley can make a difference in making the Kashmir paradise on earth.

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