Sopore is an important and growing town in Baramulla district. It is situated at a distance of 48.3 Km North-West of Srinagar and 19.2 Km South East from district headquarters of Baramulla. Sopore is also known as ‘Apple Town’ as it is surrounded by lush horticulture and orchards of apple. Cities have become concentrated these days and demand large investments for their development. Large resources are spent on the development of various urban settlements but the condition of these towns continues to deteriorate because of piecemeal nature of expenditure and lack of definitive development schemes. Sopore needs to be planned as town with industry and a Mandi/wholesale/warehousing as its main economic activity supported by the residential, commercial and institutional development.

Sopore is known as an orchard town of the Kashmir valley. Horticulture has a great importance in the region as its share makes a handsome contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the region. In view of this, there is a need of more designated market for trade and commerce, retails and other supported infrastructures. After the submission of the Master plan for Sopore, the planning area thereby declared under J&K Development Act 1970 would come under the purview of Local Area Development Authority (LADA) for planning and development of Sopore as an upcoming class- I town. Now the planning is divided into development and redevelopment. Development include raising of new residential complexes around the town, construction of new road routes, medical facilities and educational institutes. Where as redevelopment includes uplifting the standard of existing infrastructure. 

People of Sopore and the development committees play a very big role in the overall development of the town. Sopore follows panchayat system. The people can represent their points to the Panch of the village which can further be projected to the Block Development Committee (BDC). BDC can then allocate funds for the project to be undertaken. If the project to be undertaken is of a large scale then sanctions are taken from the District Development Committee (DDC). The BDC and DDC forms part of Local Area Development Authority (LADA) which is responsible for overall development of the area.

The physical growth of Sopore is along the transportation corridor. There is more likely development of town in North Western side and towards South Eastern side. The existing land use study is important to analyses. The development will include demarcation of residential area, commercial area and industrial area. The commercial area is mostly across the main roads while the industrial area should be planned on outskirts of the city.

Then there is a need of uplifting the transportation sector. Road network and related infrastructure is the most important sector for urban health. Roads act as arteries for the goods and services and dissemination of urban influences. Land under educational institutes, medical facilities, police states, community facilities are grouped under public and semi public thus respective BDC are responsible for development and upkeep of these places.

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