Kashmir as it signifies has a wide spectrum of domain to develop and grow in itself in terms of secondary and tertiary sectors like industries, education, civil services and of course in politics. However, the sanctity of this holy land dwells home to bit negativities but as hope and optimism eliminates these out, undoubtedly Kashmir remains the Pride of India.


serves a definite community and is a form of public-service broadcasting. It reflects the culture, ideology and thoughts, norms and values of a particular community. Community radio as the media of citizens of a particular community has become popular and new opportunity for both the media practitioner and grassroots people.

RAJ BEGUM : Melody Queen of Kashmir

Raj Begum, the legendary singer from Kashmir, was not only a singer but one of the pioneers of women empowerment in Kashmir. She followed her passion and started singing at a time when most women didn’t dare to do so. She broke the taboo of the conservative society and opened doors of opportunity to female…

Music of Kashmir

The Kashmir valley popularly known as ‘Paradise on Earth’ has a very rich cultural heritage and has been a grand arena of arts. There have been poets, dancers, writers, dramatists and musicians, who have attained glory in the literary and art world. Kashmiris have traditionally been great lovers of music. As the Kashmiri language does…