Heena’s Little Story of Changing Kupwara

I choose to publish this story for it reminds me of little flutter of wings of baby bird before she flies high to kiss the sky. Heena shared this piece with me with pure innocence in white ink. How could I possibly not celebrate her leap of faith in goodness ahead ! She symbolizes the hopeful Kashmir of today and tomorrow.

Rooh Bhat, Team Kashmir Rootstock

I, Heena Altaf, hail from a small village of Hajinar in the remote Karnah Tehsil of Kupwara district. The area is not as developed as Kashmir valley across the ‘Sadhna‘ Pass. However off late number of schools and colleges are coming up in our remote Karnah valley. I had an opportunity to be a part of inauguration of Govt Degree College at Tangdhar recently. I could be the part of that ceremony only because of my hard work which resulted in me securing the top position in class 10th Board exams in Karnah valley with 95.4% in 2019.

Only Representative Picture. Photograph of Annual Function at Army Goodwill School in Kashmir

When I look back, it gives me immense satisfaction at my achievements. However, a number of well wishers deserve mention as part of my success story. My father runs a small electronics shop to meet the daily needs of our family. My mother, a housewife takes all the pains and ensures I do not feel the heat of harsh realities of life and my father knew that I have an everlasting hunger for education. He did his best in providing every requirement after seeing my dedication towards studies. With limited number of schools then, my father had few options at his disposal. He thought that the Army Goodwill School, Hajinar is the best option for my schooling as the same was with in his reach financially to bear the expenses of my tution fees and yet maintaining a high standard
of education.

Army Goodwill School, Hajinar established in 1999 by the Indian Army, much before my birth has been a well organized education hub having produced a number of doctors, engineers and other entrepreneurs over the years. The school not only provides quality education but also nurtures confidence, develops interest in sports and co-curricular activities leading to development of a well rounded personality. I was fortunate enough to take part in school annual day functions, quiz and debate competitions which helped me build my confidence and excel in all fields of curriculum.

My dreams could fructify only because of the guidance of my parents & teaching staff at the school. I owe my success to them. They always guided me without any hesitation whenever I approached them. Today, I stand at a place in my life where I am shoulder to shoulder with the best in the country. My dream of getting quality higher education will soon materialize. I realize the importance of good schools especially in remote locations of the country.

The Indian Army has been of great help in remote areas like Karnah valley. I could prove myself only because of the platform provided to me through Army Goodwill school, Hajinar. I wish many more students from the school excel and do well to realize their dreams. With the upgradation of school to Class XIIth , it would only make their path easier in achieving their desired goals. It is only a matter of time that students from this remote part of the country will garner success at national level.

Repeat After me. Knowledge is Power.


With Love

Heena Altaf

Ex student, AGS Hajinar

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