Beauty and Blood

Meenakshi Rathore is an avid traveler who has visited Kashmir for the fourth time. She has seen Kashmir from the eyes of a school going girl in 1987 to the times of ‘Stone pelting’ in 2010 and then immediately post Abrogation of Articles 370 & 35A and also on its anniversary. Being a healer and spiritual guide herself, she feels for the Kashmiri people and aspires for a peaceful and prosperous Kashmir. Her “Beauty & Blood” speaks from the heart.

खूबसूरती को अक्सर हमने भटकते हुए देखा है,
हाँ, मैंने इन चंद अल्फ़ाज़ों में कश्मीर को लिखा है

Dhawal Bharot

Kashmir is graced with unbelievable beauty and the beauty lies in it’s artistic landscapes. It is richly sumptuous with majestic ‘Chinar’ trees that twirl the entire valley golden & scarlet. The pearly lakes twirl gleaming at first light and the glassy aqua rivers originating from the frosty peaks add more flavour to the paradise.

From the palatial Pir Panjal ranges & aromatic Kashmiri ‘Cypress’ to the serpentine streams and lush bounteous, every neck of the wood is full of plenteous charm. Every spot is like an artist’s canvas ready to be filmed to the whole world. The Gorge signifies the tranquillity which drives towards poetry writing. Exceptionally magnificent valleys of Gulmarg, Betaab, Bangus, Lolab, Gurez and plenty more add incompatible allure to the Kashmiri beauty. They are wild-eyed and unflawed. Enclosed by splendid peaks, they are the replica of cosmos, elegance & enigma.

The reservoirs are luminous and spotless. The valley speaks proudly of it’s Dal, Nageen and Wular lakes with the sky-scraping peaks surrounding them. The boat ride on these lakes with the gigantic ridges acting like a stage curtain is mind boggling and it gives a superb conception of “Paradise on Earth”.

Kashmir twirls into a bewitching frosty region during winter tide. The non-pigmented countryside and soft snow blanket crumbling on the breathtaking panorama is a sight to rejoice with extreme excitement. The heavenly winters are a life altering experience. The picturesque shades of autumn are stimulating, the breeze is zestful & sheer. The trees acquire yellow, red & orange colours, incorporating a pleasing taste to the terrain. The florescence of Tulips & Roses adding a tinge of hues to the valley, marks the arrival of spring.

Residing overnight in a legendary houseboat is an unforgettable experience. The princely, appealing houseboats made of hand sculptured timber extending an expedition above the Dal and Nageen lakes is simply out of the world. The Gondola adventure takes us closer to the intense Himalayas and soaring peaks of Apharwat. From skiing on the sky touching the mountains, to trekking through fickle twisty trails, Kashmir extends an audacious and peppy segment to the adventures. Exactly like the extra ordinary country side, the Kashmiri cuisine is divine. It boasts of lavish Wazwan with Rogan Josh, Gushtaba, an aromatic Kahwah cup, with subsequent Yakhni and many more sumptuous platters. Special Chai to absorbs the sunset sitting amidst the natural beauty. As soon as a traveler puts his / her foot into the Kashmir valley, the gracious and humble Kashmiris welcome them with enormous enthusiasm and affection.

But alas! Knowingly or unknowingly the local Kashmiris have allowed their ‘Paradise’ to become a hotbed of local and Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

The Author

They are endorsing a miserable & gloomy life to their progeny by breast- feeding them with bitterness and hatred and supporting the terrorists and inimical elements. If the local Kashmiris opt to live with a gun instead of enjoying the ‘Paradise’, it will propagate more brutality and ferocity.

They have to give up & forego hatred, violence and quit the link with terrorists. They should realise what actually is going on and how they are being manipulated. They have to rise from their blanket of religion and hate to see what is actually good for them. Every Kashmiri should try and change their basic and start realizing the real value of ‘Paradise on Earth’ and putting a stop to being influenced by others for their vested interests. If efforts are made both by the locals and the government, the lives of Kashmiris shall enhance soon and bring peace, prosperity and growth in the valley. They owe this to their future generations …

ठहर गई है वक़्त की चाल
चार चिनार की छाव में
रूक जाते हैं लम्हे खुशाल
डल झील के फैलाव में
नज़र लग गई इंसानी ख्वाहिशों को
जन्नत के इस गाँव में


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