Who Wins? Beauty, Heart or Mind !

ऐ गुलबदन तेरा पाकपन , कितना हसीन है तेरा चमन।
तू हूर है , पर नूर है ,तेरी सादगी पे गुरूर है।


If you are generous and compassionate, yes, You are beautiful!

If you are unbiased in all interests, yes, You are beautiful!

If you have a glowing confidence and self belief, yes, You are beautiful!

But the Beauty here I am talking about is the chiselled face and gorgeous physique of a Kashmiri. The inhabitants of Kashmir are a magnificent race. They have the features of Aryan tribe, with no sign of mixed blood of any inferior class. They resemble the lost tribe of Israel, the Jews, with a very sharp nose, profound illuminating blue eyes, wide forehead, rosy skin which is unfound in the rest of the country. The Kashmiri males are tall, well built, tough Hercules’ with a fair and ruddy tone. Generally, their texture is olive and they have auburn hair ranging from medium to dark shades.
Kashmiri women are often recognized as the prettiest on the planet, seemingly muse of every painter. They have glowing rosy skin, blushing cheeks and a smiling face with blue eyes adding charm to their diverse beauty. Most of them cover their face with Abayas, where only eyes are noticeable, which alone can express the beauty of valley. The Kashmiri women are an artful merge of charm, elegance, pureness and simplicity. The secret of Kashmiri physique and beauty is their genes, the domain they live in and the food they consume which comprise of nuts, saffron, pure milk from the native small hilly cows, fresh fruits and vegetables.

The elevated regions extend more fresh air, full of pure oxygen and the less contaminated environment enriches their skin texture and offers a lean physique. By HEART, they are unique and different in their own ways. They are highly sensitive and emotional but hardened by bitter experiences. The people are caring and hospitable with deep insight and knowledge. They are lively, simple and talented. But the bitter truth is that despite the diverse beauty of the Kashmiris they are viewed as terrorists and their sympathizers. In my opinion, no one is made ugly or wicked by the divine source. It’s our own calibre that how we look at life and our experiences and what we learn from them. This calibre changes from place to place, time to time and person to person.

In the same way, the outer beauty is of no relevance till the time the inner soul is not alive and authentic. For me, beauty is a combination of many qualities that pleases the authentic senses,it makes you feel guarded, alive, truthful and life giving.

However, the physical beauty of the Kashmiris dies down when their ‘MIND’ gets influenced by the wicked forces of terrorism in the name of Allah and false brotherhood. They get easily swayed by the hate speeches circulated through audio and video clips on social media by the Pakistan based terrorist groups, against their own people and country.

Like hypnotised people who don’t have a mind of their own, the Kashmiris too keep falling into the trap of Pakistani terrorist groups in the name of Islam and solidarity, without realising that they are being used for somebody else’s personal interest and gains. It’s high time that the Kashmiri’s wake up and come out of this hypnotised world of false brotherhood and religion for their own betterment and benefits. If they control their MINDS and synchronise it with their BEAUTY and HEART, they will prosper with peace and happiness, thus making their region ‘Paradise on Earth’ in the true sense.

Beat the Enemy,
Who is living in you.
The Enemy Outside,
Will do no harm to you.

~Peer Amey

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