I am Kashmir

A poem by Prince who is an established prolific poet and writer. His creations on Kashmir have found place in many publications and popular blogs on internet viz Soldier Stories of Kashmir. The Kashmir Rootstock Team is grateful to Prince for sharing his masterpiece ‘I am Kashmir’ at onset of new year, 2021.

Living under those fiery skies
Surrounded by the devil
Watched over by his glaring eyes
Nature and Landscape were a challenge it seems
Darkness had been intimidating
Even no sound of the streams
Unpredictable was my future
When uncertain had been my past
My grit has now challenged the evil
And the gloom over my abode is not going to last

No one can set my limits and neither my destination
Even heavens will have to  shoulder my endeavours
Which come flying on the wings of determination

Gimmicks of the past now I realise
Adversary has always attempted to entice 
But can’t now lure me 
On the not chosen path with those bag full of lies

To shape the future 
I control my present
Promise to my past
Glory of our success 
Will only ascend
This defines me
This is what I shall do
This is who am I
I am the present
And I am the future
I am the youth of this land
A strong son of my motherland
I am Kashmir

An old wise clicked by a Traveler in Kashmir
Photography By @chefyash on Instagram

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