Turn over a New Leaf

If you want to achieve something, build the basis for it” I am forced by my consciousness to write this to my fellow Kashmiri brothers and sisters on this extended canvas, because the Kashmir valley is undergoing grievous circumstances.

I know, there are many supporters amongst us, who want Kashmir to be on its own and I can vouch that very few may have Indian sentiments. But, I would not be judgemental here. Notwithstanding, that to you I may sound favouring India, I will not hold any grudges against you, if you are anti-India or Pro-Pakistan. You may have your own ‘incentives’ for doing so.

However, I am attempting to convey here a different perspective, a distinct narrative which will differ from yours but you too don’t be judgemental, as I am also not. Please read my point of view on how the quality of our tomorrows, our coming times will be better and peaceful in a pragmatic way if we the people of valley incorporate and comprehend with India. Its not any hysterical, religious or documented fuss or dispute but its purely logical for us, the Kashmiri tribe, who quest for a more excelling desirable upcoming time.

I am sure that the ‘specialists’ and the ‘authorities’ will bounce back now, the ‘authorities’ who has made the Kashmir issue as their historical law, which they don’t want to solve only. It’s hitting hard to many of them but it’s the universal truth. They would always invade any solution to this issue in their mean aristocratic and snobbish ways because if it is solved how will they stay relevant. They love and create these complex and intricate issues. It’s you and me who suffer in return.

For my young brothers and sisters who don’t know the complicated issue behind Jammu and Kashmir, here it’s crisply – After independence all Princely states joined India except Jammu and Kashmir. Later Pakistan attacked Jammu and Kashmir and captured a portion of it which is called POJK. The J&K ruler called India for help as a result Jammu and Kashmir became a part of India but with riders on papers, it was a good solution with Jammu and Kashmir having it’s own constitution while the centre would handle defense, foreign affairs and communication. But it never worked, instead of two Parents, the state became nobody’s child. The neighbour who was eyeing at this princely state since independence took advantage of Islam being a common factor between the two and started the militancy in the name of Jihad. And it’s difficult to control terrorism which co-exists with the civilian population. When the Indian government and Indian army tried controlling it, “we hate India and Indian Army” slogans and mislead youth helped the Kashmir issue to aggravate and ever last.

The area with India is divided into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. And the main disturbance is in Kashmir only. So now, what we have to understand is that can we really make a country out of only the Kashmir Valley and would we be able to defend it? It will be a minute area troubled and abused both by India and Pakistan with no real finances or wealth and utmost dependence on it’s vast neighbours, as a result it will become a disgusting, corrupt place of more terrorism, smuggling and drugs. It’s unexpected that anyone from outer world will make investments in such a complicated place. No jobs, no security, what would you live for there then?

On the other hand if the Kashmir valley joins Pakistan, than first try to understand that India is vast coming up economy, whereas Pakistan is not even seen as a real economy. Another matter is women’s rights. Given the hold of extremist Islam, the women would be suppressed under independent state and Pakistan options. So think of it again and again. Terrorism is not the solution, nor hatred or retaliation against Indian government and defense. Militancy and hatred attitude is simply going to traumatize, distress and hurt us more in the valley.

“If you don’t like something reshape it,
If you can’t reshape your attitude”.

Hence, it is only we, the youth of this valley who has to initiate a movement to resolve this everlasting disturbance. Article 370 was not empowering us, it was empowering only the local authorities and politicians, who forthrightly cannot do anything for us without Indian assimilation. We have to understand this. Don’t condemn and criticize Indian defence forces, they are doing the most tedious job of rooting out militancy for our betterment from our region, from a population co-existing with militants, which is next to impossible. However, make them accountable who are exactly culpable-Pakistan, the regional leaders who utilized the situation and the authorities who did nothing for us except fueling the fire more. Hence, please use your senses, don’t burst crackers or feel good when India fails, because if India fails we all will fail too. We need to change ourselves. It doesn’t matter how strong our opinions are, if we don’t use our power for positive change, we the citizens of J & K are indeed a part of this everlasting problem. Change will not come if we wait for some other person or other times but we are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the change that we seek. Let’s turn a new leaf, a new leaf of happiness, peace and prosperity.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
Committed citizens can change the world,

Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Mohd Zaid

The author, Meenakshi Rathore is an avid traveler who has visited Kashmir for the fourth time. She has seen Kashmir from the eyes of a school going girl in 1987 to the times of ‘Stone pelting’ in 2010 and then immediately post Abrogation of Articles 370 & 35A and also on its anniversary. Being a healer and spiritual guide herself, she feels for the Kashmiri people and aspires for a peaceful and prosperous Kashmir.

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