Unexplored Top Tourist Spots of Kashmir

Heya, planning Wedding Pre Shoot, Magazine Cover or a freelancer photographer? You could be a just another day wanderer! This list shall unreveal the less traveled places in Kashmir valley to boost your Instagram with awe and fans…. ! Note, here.

Picturesque, ethereal, timeless… words fall short when it comes to capturing Kashmir’s virginal beauty. Snow-clad mountains, lush green meadows, gurgling springs and traditional cuisines served with as much warmth as a sumptuous meal prepared by a loved one, Kashmir compels one to empty entire dictionaries in the quest of that perfect word that captures the “Kashmir experience” even partly. Completely? That’s simply out of question.

Laden with gorgeous locales, it’s no surprise that Kashmir’s tourism industry is a huge part of its economy. The Switzerland of India as it is popularly crowned, Kashmir has lesser known, mostly unexplored locales that often don’t feature in a tourist’s itinerary. While Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Kupwara are thronged by hordes of tourists, it is in these lesser explored locales wherein you can catch Kashmir’s old- world charm sans a sea of tourists going click-click at the drop of a hat.


Nestled about 95 km away from the hustle& bustle of Srinagar, Pahalgam transports you to the magical world conjured in fairy tales. Serene meadows, dense forests and the sweet aroma of native flora in the air, Pahalgam’s beauty compels one to sit, take notice, absorb the moment and marvel at the ingenuity of an artist Nature is!


A little off the radar of most tourists, Kishtwar is a paradise for animal lovers. Dotted with stunningly beautiful pine & deodar trees, if as a nature and wildlife buff you miss out on Kishtwar’s National Park you have done yourself great disservice. Trekking and camping expeditions if earmarked for summers will leave you with sights and memories to cherish (as well as boast about) for years to come.


If you are one of those tortured mentally, physically and emotionally by the hue & cry of life, Yusmarg can suck every drop of weariness and exhaustion out of you. A sight for sore city bred eyes, it doesn’t feature in the itinerary of most tourists. One visit and you’ll feel as if you’ve time-traveled to a different era – Quaint, calm, enchanting… The Good ol’s simple days!



Wish to experience how does it feel to be surrounded by a valley of flowers? Khilanmarg is the place to be. About 6 km ahead of Gulmarg, its exquisite panoramas will send you in a trance. Offering the perfect blend of activities to adrenaline-junkies as well as nature enthusiasts, skiing should be on one’s to-do list during winters. What about nature buffs? Enjoy marvelling at the sheer gorgeousness of local aromatic flowers that bloom in their majestic glory during spring. It can put all Chanels, Diors & Yves Saint Laurent to shame!



An image of lush green mountains dotted with pine trees dotting the landscape conjures before one’s eyes almost instantly as and when one says Kashmir. One just can’t help it. Bhaderwah, located in Doda district is the embodiment of that image. Alluring! Picture-perfect! Soul-stirring! It’s as if time has stopped moving. And if that happens (which surely will) here’s a quick tip: Seize the opportunity. Live in the moment.

As a tourist, Kashmir will always leave you wanting for more. There is after all, no dearth of captivating locales that this “Paradise on Earth” is blessed with. It is tough to say if there’s life after death or even any Paradise. So, while that gets dissected & debated, what’s best is to experience Paradise here… on earth while we are alive. Sounds like a plan?

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