The recent lockdown imposed due to COVID 19 has constrained children to indoors. This has increased the screen time of young children who increasingly indulge in movies, tv shows and gaming. While the world struggles to keep their children off screens, a young Kashmiri has set himself apart by creating a world record, meanwhile watching his first movie on screen due to the lockdown.

Abdul Aleem, a 10 year old class six student of Tyndale Biscoe School Srinagar, has created a world record by identifying flags, capitals and currencies of 195 countries in just 9 minutes and 26 seconds. The young boy had appeared in an online show which was organized jointly by Anandshree Organization, India book of records and OMG book of records. The event was hosted by well-known educator Abha Jadhav and was judged by Prof (Dr) Dinesh Gupta and Anita Gupta. Abdul was rewarded with the title of ‘Junior Flag Master’ and is the fastest and youngest to set this record.

The young Abdul was inspired by his maternal uncle who is settled in US. He used to gift Abdul currencies from various countries. The fascinating colors, shapes, pictures and language used in these sparked an interest in Abdul to explore flags and currencies of various countries.

His father Ajaz Ahmed works in the Jal Shakti department while his mother Iqra Manzoor works in the development department. They say that their son is very different from others of his age group and spends time reading books and playing sports instead of using smartphones and watching TV.

Abdul is presently pursuing a course on Robotics from NIT Srinagar and has developed several projects already including reverse gear sensor, water controller and automatic dustbin. Besides his academic achievements, he is a gold medalist in swimming, football captain of his class team and takes active interest in chess, carom and skiing. He equally dedicates his time to memorizing the Holy Quran and has already memorized three chapters. He is also writing a book on different countries which will be of special interest to children of his age group.

The young Abdul is an inspiration for the youth around the world. He encourages them to spend time outdoors rather than onscreen so as to remain mentally and physically fit.

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