Hidden Gems of Kashmir: Sagg Eco Village


Nestled in the breathtaking Harmukh foothills of Kashmir is ‘Sagg Eco Village – an award winning ecological haven.’ As pioneers in the region, the village has integrated natural, cultural, human, and technological resources to build regenerative lifestyles and communities. The natural farm in this village cultivates organic delights with regenerative agriculture, while the cultural retreat celebrates and shares traditional knowledge and practices.  Here, there are several research ventures that innovate and improve practices, products, and programs for a regenerative and entrepreneurial lifestyle, integrating both cultural wisdom and cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

Led by ecological entrepreneur Fayaz Ahmad Dar, it’s an experiment in ecological entrepreneurship where Eco-friendliness meets regenerative business and sustainable community development. Sagg designs, develops and promotes recreational, educational and lifestyle services, spaces, products and programs for individuals, families and communities. By integrating nature, culture, and technology through practices such as natural farming, localized building, and DIY design, Sagg Eco village has made sustainability look cool. Sagg Eco Village is the premier destination in Kashmir for regenerative recreation, education and lifestyle. “Lets join Hands to Make Such Initiatives a Resounding Success!”

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