Pristine Beauty of Gurez

Gurez Valley: Gateway To The Forgotten Dardistan

Routine existence rarely provides space for reflection. Kashmir as we all know is undeniably a  heaven on earth. With countless snow clad mountains, immaculate atmosphere, picturesque  valleys and impeccable landslides, this exotic part of India is no less than a masterpiece by  immortals. Tourist across the country flocked the paradise every year. However much of it is  unexplored and yet to fathom. Gurez is one such exquisite leaf. This leaf at best is an unexplored  holiday destination for the glitterati or a fragile garrisoned land for the men in uniform. 

Gurez is a valley located deep in the high Himalayas about 86 kms from Bandipora and 130 Kms  from Srinagar. It is situated at an elevation of 9000 feet. The Gurez valley falls along the section of  ancient silk route, which connected the Kashmir valley with Gilgit. There are innumerable places in  Gurez where you can find nature at its best. 

Dawar. It is the central part and comprises of numerous villages spread all over the valley. Dawar  is the most visited part of this entrancing valley. Surrounded by towering mountain ranges, the  beauty of this place gets enhanced by the melodious cacophony of Kishanganga river flowing  through this valley. 

Habba Khatoon. This gigantic pyramid in the centre of Gurez valley is the major attraction of  Gurez valley. Named after Kashmiri poetess Habba Khatoon and her tales of love for her husband  revolve around this mountain. Apparently, it is said that she still wanders around this beautiful  mountain in search of her husband. 

Tulail valley. It is situated at an approx distance of 25 kms from Dawar and is definitely a heaven  for all the tourist. The lush green meadows are no less than Switzerland and provides spectacular  views to the visitors. Hand- tended fields of potatoes, rajma and maize covered the valley, fringed by  dazzling wild flowers.  

These are some of the exotic places in Gurez. Much of it is still unexplored. Once you are through  this door to heaven you will come across countless beauties to adore and appreciate. The beauty  of Gurez has been reflected in writings of many national and international authors. They have  described Gurez as “one of the most beautiful places in all of Kashmir”, where the serene waters  of Kishanganga river are beautifully framed by mountains of indescribable grandeur.

Gurez is not only a jewel in terms of beauty, but it’s also known for the warmth and hospitality of  Gurezi people that seemed like such an essential characteristic of the place. People often gather  in crowds to greet and welcome tourists. 

In the end, I must say that the unceasing beauty of this breathtaking valley will never stop  mesmerizing and surprising you.

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