Love for beauty is an inborn trait within every human being. Prettiness has served as a source of joy and thrill for the people of all times and clans all around the world since times immoral. This is so because the human being by birth is essentially beautiful and graceful and is moved by an external view of beauty. It is a case of “like attracting the like.” 

The beauty of Kashmir is beyond description and words. The crystal clear and cool waters flowing, the gentle breeze blowing through its meadows and forests, the gushing cascades and the forests, the serpentine rivers, the babbling brooks, the rippling lakes and the lofty snow-clad mountains of Kashmir prove a delicious treat to the people who visit it, every time.  

Tourists visiting the valley, at the very first sight, succumb madly to the temptation of these idyllic scenes. It is a real heaven created by the almighty. Along with treats to the eye, the people of the state live by the ideology of “Kashmiriyat”, which in its real sense means hospitability and peace. The warmth of the environment and its people add on to its inescapable aura.

Nature has bestowed Kashmir with exciting sights and exotic land spots. Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Poonch, Sonamrag, Yusemarg, Anantnag, Verinag and Achabal are among the famous tourist places, which leave you spellbound and wanting for more.

Besides, the charming beauty, there are resorts and even small cottages that serve as excellent hubs to stay for the duration of the travel. The famous house boats or “floating houses” on Dal Lake provide for an amazing crash in the valley while in valley. Many health resorts also afford pleasures like swimming, diving, sailing, skiing, surfing, scatting, horse riding, mountaineering, fishing, trekking, and camping, skydiving etc. Due to its phenomenal location, Kashmir is very well connected to some of the major highways and railway line of the country. Regarded as the “Crown of India”, Kashmir experiences all the seasons in a majestic way of ice showers and splendid dawns, sunny summers and breath-taking autumn.

Whichever way you enter Kashmir either by air or by road – the very first glimpse of its sparkling lakes, sun-bathed slopes, dark shadowy vales, and snow-covered mountain ranges and the young Himalaya’s are bound to captivate your heart and a Persian poet’s words, “If there is paradise on earth it is this, it is this”, Would instantly spring to your mind.

Lately, we see a change in how the valley is evolving. The air is freer and more liberal, development is reaching new heights and there is a twist in the way the people of the valley are accepting the new and modern world.

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