tourist places of kashmir

Kashmir, popularly known as “Jannat” or “Heaven” worldwide, because of its beautiful and scenic valleys. From the 1960s to 1982, it was the first choice for Bollywood to shoot the majority of romantic films. All those lush green and silver mountains with flowing blue water give the perfect landscape, which is enough to attract tourists. There are a number of valleys in Kashmir. Popularly known as a meadow of flowers. Gulmarg is a place with snow-covered mountains of the Pir Panjal Range and exotic flowers, with a panoramic view that stretches as far as our eyes can see. It is a popular destination, located at a height of 2650 m. It is regarded as one of the best skiing destinations in the world. It is also known as the hub of the winter games in India. The Gulmarg cable car allows tourists to enjoy the spectacular views and higher reaches of Gulmarg.

Sonamarg Valley is located on the banks of the Sindhu River at an elevation of 2700 meters. The Meadow of Gold is a captivating town in the valley. It consists of high mountains with snow all year and lush green patches with stray animals grazing all over them. It feels like scenes from one of the classic movies. The Sindh River is also a major draw, as it contributes significantly to the beauty of this valley. All of the tourists are taken aback by the flowing blue water and floating ice. It also brings life to the whole vegetation in this valley. Sonmarg is a place where a lot of hikers set their base camps for treks to Thajwas Glacier.

Betaab valley got its fame from the movie Betaab, the first movie starring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh. The valley got its fame after the movie hit theaters. It is a beautiful valley with snowy mountains and clean freshwater lakes. Baisaran and Tulian Lakes are two of the major attractions in this valley. Over time, people come here and try to remake the scenes from the movie.

Bungus Valley is considered to be one of the most unexplored tourist destinations in Kashmir. It is in Kupwara District. The lines of tall pine trees in the forest give an amazing insight into the rich flora and fauna. The beautiful meadows are home to antelopes, brown bears, musk deer, and snow leopards. This place is amazing to gaze at. It is also well-known for its stone age wall paintings in Bangus’s Kala Roos Cave. It was once the only way to get to Russia from the Indian subcontinent.

Gurez Valley is located at 2550 m and 125 km from the capital city, Srinagar. This valley gives a great view of the cities located at lower heights, the Kishanganga River, and the prettiest lake in the world, Wular Lake. This is one of the least explored valleys in Kashmir, but it is also the most beautiful. This could be a dream location for most trekking enthusiasts, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and numerous water streams. With a pure touch of nature and a very minimal population around, it surely is a blessing. Razdhan Pass in this valley has become the favourite picnic spot for most of the locals. The sunset and sunrise at Razdhaan Pass are the best treats for the eyes there.

Poonch Valley is nested in the Pir Panjal range, filled with green and flowery meadows. It also consists of freshwater natural lakes and alpine hills. This valley is home to numerous waterfalls. This valley is also packed with a great number of temples and gurudwaras. This is a very popular and easily accessible place.

Naagin Valley is located 7 km ahead of Gulmarg. The cluster of four villages offers a great deal for people who love sight-seeing. This valley consists of beautifully painted mud homes popularly known as the Dhoks. It definitely gives a great insight into the lives of nomads and herders in Kashmir. A beautiful stream in Nigli Nalah attracts tourists the most. The last stop for the travellers is the village of Buta Pathri. A beautiful village spread throughout the meadow is simply amazing to see.

Kashmir is a place where one can relax his spirit by just enjoying the natural setting. Most parts are still unexplored and little known for their rich beauty. But yes, we can compare it to heaven, as it just gets more and more beautiful the more you explore.

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