Kashmir, the crown of India, is not only a paradise for nature-lovers but food lovers too. The culture of Kashmir is very different from the other states of northern India and the difference reflects in every aspect including the cuisines. A person with a taste for non-vegetarian foods will definitely love a ‘Food Trip’ to Kashmir. But, this does not mean that Kashmir has nothing to serve the vegetarians. They have some amazing vegetarian delicacies too. Due to the abundant use of spices, most Kashmiri dishes are full of flavours.  Here is a glimpse of famous dishes of Kashmir that one must try.


Rogan Josh : No talk about Kashmiri dishes can begin without the mention of Rogan Josh. It is one of the signature dishes of Kashmir. Normally a special guest is served Rogan Josh on their plate on their visit to a Kashmiri home. This aromatic lamb meat dish is not only full of flavours but also considered healthy. It is a low-fat dish prepared with lamb meat browned onions, yoghurt and varieties of spices. The dish is typically served with rice or naan.


Yakhni : Another popular dish that provides the authentic taste of Kashmir is Yakhni. It is a lamb meat dish prepared in curd gravy. The dish is not only full of flavours but also varied aroma. Cockscomb flowers, dry mint leaves, aromatic fennel seeds and cardamoms are used to give this dish its mouthwatering aroma.


Matschgand : It is a dish of minced meatballs that are cooked in rich red gravy. The spicy taste of this meat dish gives a blast of flavours in your mouth with every single bite. One can easily get meatball dishes in different other regions but the authentic Kashmiri taste of Matschgand can be enjoyed only in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Muji Gaad

Kashmiri Muji Gaad : This is a Kashmiri dish made of fish. The fishes are prepared normally with radish or lotus stems that are readily available in Kashmir. Muji Gaad is not unique in taste but also in its preparation style. The unique taste of Muji Gaad can be attributed to the use of fish with lotus stems that are prepared with varieties of hot spices and herbs. This aromatic dish of Kashmir is served during festivities and special occasions.  

Modur Pulaw : Here comes a Kashmiri signature dish for vegetarians and persons with a sweet tooth. Pulaw is a dish prepared in different regions of India but typically it is salty in taste. But, this Modur Pulaw is sweet in taste. Rice is obviously the main ingredient and Kashmir’s home-grown saffron is the main spice. But, the list of ingredients for this distinctive Pulaw is very long and includes sugar, cinnamon, ghee, cashew nuts, almonds, green cardamom and a lot more other ingredients.

Aab Gosht kashmir

Aab Gosht : Mutton is a part of everyday food in typical Kashmiri homes. So, there are varieties of ways in which a mutton dish is prepared. There are approximately 30 ways in which Kashmiri households prepare mutton dishes. One of the most famous ones is Aab Gosht. This mutton recipe is prepared in milk using several spices like black pepper and cardamoms.

Lyodur Tschaman kashmir

Lyodur Tschaman : One of the most popular vegetarian dishes of Kashmir is Lyodur Tschaman. It is a dish of cottage cheese that are cooked in creamy turmeric-based gravy. It is a dish that is prepared almost daily in Kashmiri homes, especially in the homes of vegetarian Kashmiris.

This was just a glimpse, Kashmir cuisines contain a wide range and varieties of flavorful and aromatic dishes. Although the number of non-vegetarian foods is high there are definitely some must-try vegetarian dishes. Kashmir is not only the land of picturesque mountains and lakes but also a land of flavours and aroma. 

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