Amarnath Yatra 2022 Guidelines and registration procedure

The annual Amarnath Cave Yatra to Holy Cave of Shrine of Lord Shiva is considered as one of the most idealized pilgrimage in our country. As the Yatra was suspended since last two years amid COVID-19, this year after the combine efforts being put into place by civil authorities and Indian Army, Yatra will be commence from 30th of Jun 22 for 43 days as per the tradition. The name given to this Holy Yatra is SANJY-2022 (Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra-2022)

The Amarnath Cave is considered as a Holy shrine by pilgrims because of a ice pillar also called as Lingam, a symbol of Lord Shiva. Trek to Amarnath Cave takes place in the month of Shravan (July to August). The Holy Cave is situated at Mount Amarnath Cave with an altitude of 13,000 feet. Being at this height, the Yatra opens only for a Short period in summer. 

trek route map of amarnath yatra pahalgam to amarnath cave and baltal to holy cave

Trek to the Holy Cave can be completed through two routes i.e. from Pahalgam to Amarnath Cave (Route 1) and Baltal to Amarnath Cave (Route 2).

Pahlagam to Amarnath Cave (Route 1) is the most preferable route which is around 47 km from the Holy Cave. The first step of Yatra starts at Chandanwari which is 16 km from Pahalgam base camp (established jointly by Indian Army and J&K State civil authorities) at an altitude of 9,500 feet. On trekking further, the next place that pilgrims reach is Pissu top which is 3 km from Chandanwari followed by Shesnag at 9 km from Pissu top at 11,730 ft. From Sheshnag, the Holy Cave is 20 kms. The trek usually takes  2-3 days to complete through route (1). As per the methodology, Amarnath Cave is the place where Lord Shiva narrated Amar Katha to Goddess Parvati and in order to keep it a secret he left all his companions behind that includes, Nandi who was left at Pahalgam, the moon atop Lord Shiva’s head at Chandanwari, the snake around his neck at Lake Sheshnag and the five integrals of life at Panchtarini and his son- Lord Ganesha at Mahaguna top. All these locations fall en route one.

Trek Route Pahalgam to Holy Cave of Amarnath
Trek Route Pahalgam to Holy Cave of Amarnath

Baltal to Amarnath Cave (Route 2) is the most popular and shortest route. The region of Baltal is 14 km from the Cave includes a lot of steep ascents. The trek via Baltal usually takes one day to complete the circuit. This route is advised to be taken by the people who are young, healthy and looking for some adventure amidst the religious trip.

adventure trekking route for youth of kashmir
Trek Route Baltal to Holy Cave of Amarnath

Best possible facilities are made available for the devotees with the efforts of Indian Army, Central Government and State Government Police Forces along with NGOs and government provided services. There are stalls and resting camps (pandals) with a continuous supply of food. The successful organization of the Yatra is majorly done jointly by civil authorities and security forces which provide facilities like power supply, telecommunication, firewood etc. The climate in Amarnath Cave fluctuates quite ranging between 9 to 18 degrees Celsius during the Yatra.

In order to pay a visit to Holy Cave, Shri Amarnath ji Shrine Board has placed a procedure that incorporates online booking of slots for pilgrims just to keep a check on number of individuals l joining for the Yatra so as to provide them with facilities deployed en route by the authorities. Keeping in mind to keep a track on number of pilgrims plying on the route RFID tags are also being issued online. Also as per the procedure, devotees have also been advised to carry compulsory health certificate from a competent authority as mentioned in the online booking portal so as to prevent any medical hazard. A visit to the Holy Cave is a must keeping in mind the physical fitness and following the procedures as laid down by the authorities.

Journey to Holy Cave of Shri Amarnath ji Yatra 2022 starts on 30th June 2022.

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