adventure sports in kashmir


Kashmir is gaining the reputation as a popular destination for adventure activities. Due to its LoC, geography and stunning beauty, it offers adventure enthusiasts plenty of options to satiate their adrenaline rush. The list of adventure activities is long. The state is a paradise for escapade lovers. J&K is one of the most sought-after destinations in India for adventure activities. The foothills of Jammu and the lakes and Kashmir valley, the mountains of Leh & Ladakh souring high into the sky offer a number of activities for people of all age groups. The beautiful lakes and snow bound mountains ranges have made adventure activities possible in this high-altitude state.

 Skiing and trekking are the two major adventurous activities which can be undertaken by people depending on the season in which they are coming to this beautiful part of the country. Trekking involves walks up and down mountains slopes to visit villages or to enjoy the sheer beautiful mountain scopes. It is flourishing in entire Kashmir but the mystical lands of Zanskar and Ladakh are the best places for trekking and famously known as trekkers paradise. In Ladakh and forested hills of Jammu, one can enjoy bungee jumping, mountain Cycling, jeep safaris. The snowy slopes and rocky mountains are perfect locations for Skiing and trekking. The steep hills of the Himalayas and Karakorum range are equipped with all the facilities relating to these sports. Gulmarg is one of the prime attractions in Kashmir due to its world-famous hill station for skiing. The route of Sonamarg to Phalgam is covered with dense alpines, ideal for trying out Alpine Skiing. Apart from these sports like cross country skiing for professional skiers, snowboarding have unlimited possibilities in the entire Kashmir valley and gives unparalleled experience.

Activities in Kashmir are also making way for adventures like Para gliding, Hot-Air ballooning and these are becoming popular with the youth day by day. Zanskar, sanasar and few other parts of Jammu are hot spots for hot air ballooning. The aero adventurous activities are drawing the attention of many adventure lovers. Para gliding is one of the latest additions that took off very well since its inception. The thrill of para gliding offers breathtaking view of lush green valleys and majestic snow-capped Himalayas. These adventure activities can be endorsed in any season.

The lakes and rivers of Jammu and Kashmir are mostly fed by melting glaciers. The major water activities include river rafting, water skiing and the relaxing smooth Shikara boat rides. At high altitudes, the rivers are fast paced and offers good river rafting opportunities which is true blessing for adventure seekers around the world. As few of them make their way through the rocky landscapes of Zanskar and Ladakh, it offers pleasurable sight to the adventure enthusiasts. The river Indus and Zanskar are the major rivers that are used for Wild Water Rafting.

Phalgam is one of those locations, where facilities for canoeing and kayaking are provided. The Dal and Nagin lakes are famous for water-skiing. In Kashmir trout fishing is an additional water sport and summers is the fishing period. If one seeks peaceful and relaxing holidays, Dal Lake offers a wonderful experience of houseboats and Shikara Rides for local sightseeing. Lake trekking and water trekking are also less known adventurous activities which are slowly getting recognition by the people.

The booming business of adventure activities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has a great scope of becoming popular worldwide. It will also help in changing the view point of the people around the globe about this beautiful state of India. It will not only help in increasing the economy of the state but also help the local population to merge with the mainstream population of the country. The interaction between people coming from other parts of the country will also help in employment generation and normalizing of the volatile situation in the state. As the local youth will get indulge in the progressive activities like these, there will be less chances of them to be lured ANEs and brainwashed against the system. It will make state prosper and people will become good human resources which will help in building a better future and better society. And if anyone who wants to get experience of live heaven, then there is no such place other than Kashmir.

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