Unexplored Tourism of Lolab

A virgin valley in northern Kashmir near Kupwara. All shades of green, mysterious caves (folklore takes them all the way to Russia!) and warm hospitable people, Lolab has it all. Adorned with fresh and tranquilized surroundings, the beauty of Lolab Valley is beguile and has all the potential to lure one to come over and over again. Located in the north-western part of Kashmir, Lolab Valley is a Himalayan sub-valley that is also one of the best hidden gems in Kashmir. Lahwal River that flows from east to west gives this place an even better appeal that is similar to a beautiful scenery. The landscape of the Lolab Valley all surrounded by snow-capped mountains, misty valleys, and lush green meadows makes it a photogenic destination.

Lolab Valley in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Lolab Valley in Jammu & Kashmir, India

“If there is any heaven on earth, its here else there would not be any definition of heaven”. The Lolab Valley is a sub-valley and forms the north-western corner of the Valley Kashmir formed by the Lahwal River which flows from east to west.

The entrance to the valley lies 9 km (5. 6 mi) north of Kupwara town and the centre of the valley lies 114 km (71 mi) northwest of Srinagar. It is an oval-shaped valley 15 miles (24 km) long with an average width of 3.2 km (2 mi). The valley of Lolab is as rich with culture and natural phenomena as it is with history. The valley is a unique with beauty mesmerizing the heart and soul of everyone. An ethnically diverse Himalayan region famed for the beauty of its lakes, meadows and snow capped
mountains which is beyond comparison. The beauty is heart warming and soul soothing. The water is pristine, the mountains are elegant and the land is golden.

The Lolab Valley is home for many ancient springs, and is covered with dense forests of pine and fir. The valley has several tourist spots, such as the caves of Kalaroos and home to many Himalayan wild animals, which include Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, ibex, markhor, hangul and musk deer. The valley is one of the oldest civilizations in the world which witnesses the fusion of several customs and traditions, reflecting rich culture and heritage of the Country. The ‘land of heaven’ is a paradise; a nature lover’s wonderland which gives more peace of mind and the positive energy with inspiration for so much art, music and poetry that once an urdu poet Muhammad Iqbal during his first ever visit got mesmerized and pen down a poem, “O Valley of Lolab”! in the honour of Lolab’s natural beauty.

The Lolab Valley is well connected by road to Srinagar and Srinagar Airport. A bus takes three hours to cover a distance of 114 km and leads through the towns of Sopore and Kupwara. Every year valley bustles with national and international tourists who feel a sense of peace and ease. The Mughals called Kashmir ‘Paradise on Earth’ where they journeyed across the hot plains of India, to the cool valleys in summer.

Enticing cold temperatures with snowfall is one of the many things that this place offers. Travelers visiting Lolab sometimes visit the resting place of the saint Kashyap Rishi, which is located at a distance of 1 km from village Lalpora. A spring called Lavnag can be found nearby. Gauri spring is another major spring in the area. This place still manages to be one of the top most camping sites in Kashmir. Some tourist attractions in the valley include Nagmarg Camping Site Diver Anderbugh, Satbaran Kalaroos, Chandigam, Warnav, Machil and Kariwan Green Meadows Diver. One feels soothing while taking a ride along the valley which is surrounded by a variety of deciduous trees that promise a colourful show in their fall season which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Kashmir.

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