Kashmir Marks 5 August for Article 370

On 5 Aug 2021, it shall be two years since Article 370 and 35A got abrogated in Jammu & Kashmir. To exude a sense of what people of Kashmir feel and resonate with the day, this poem is handpicked from Saira, a school student from Baramulla old town.

Smiles Don’t Lie

August 5th, a day
that marked history.
A history made for a better future,
a future with unity and growth.

For seven decades, it was pursued
with undemocratic policies.
Policies and provisions, like
the article 35A and 370.
Articles which transgressed
the core values of our constitution.
Values that are available,
to all citizens, unbiased.

Two years have passed
witnessing momentous developments.
Developing with the help of
tools of bifurcation into Union Territory.
Union Territory for the nation, for better
political, social and economic implementation.

Positively this has impacted us.
Encouraged better health and education, and
the security situation that has
increased its various manifolds.
Industries are encouraged and

so is private investment,
opening up employment and
decrease in terrorism.

Equal opportunities are now ensured, as
unity in diversity is prospered and grown.
Women of Jammu and Kashmir now feel equal to men
rejoicing her entitlement to property, and
without questioning their choices,
transferring the same to the their progeny.

We are a part of this nation.
there is no place here for discrimination
or dividing us through
differential equations.

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