From Wheels to Wings

“Pain is pain, broken is broken, fear is the biggest disability of all. It will paralyze you more than being in wheel chair” – Nick Vujicic

A tragic accident and getting bound to wheelchair, this condition is enough to limit anybody’s life to wheelchair. But not enough to Inshah Bashir. The girl from a small district of Kashmir became first wheelchair basketball player and her life is nothing short of an inspirational story.

In the small district of Budgam of Beerwah in Kashmir, Inshah Bashir was born. Life was good glowing with a renewed mirth, as a child Inshah liked studying and playing. But there was something else awaiting. At the age of 15 she met with an accident. Prior to it Inshah had already been diagnosed with gastric ulcer. One evening, she felt nauseous and dizzy in her balcony and the kid lost her balance and fell down. This caused her several spinal injuries. Unfortunately, even after several surgeries Inshah didn’t make it out of wheelchair.

This event had great impact on Inshah, the girl who never stopped was now tied to wheelchair. Post this incident Inshah used to be bedridden for fifteen hours a day, enclosed in her room and was completely dependent on her parents. For her the biggest challenge was to accept the fact that now she was wheelchair bound and that this was her new form of life. She had to reinvent herself and this came finally by her love for sports.

After spending time in questioning the unfairness of life, Inshah finally decided that she had spend enough of her life fretting about her plight. At the age of 23, she went out to do what seemed impossible. She mentions an incident where a group of boys mocked her after seeing her practicing basketball on wheelchair. She joined Shafqat Rehabilitation centre, where she saw people with worse condition than her playing basketball. She says that it was a life changing moment for her and playing basketball kept her busy and never let her feel any handicap. She was not different to others, she just had a different way of doing things.

She over came her mental barrier but the journey ahead was not that easy either, Inshah had to stand strong in the game that was mainly male dominated. The lack of training facility for specially abled in the region was yet another hurdle. Moreover, lack of support from the society came appalling. Inspite of all these she made it on top and became the first woman basketball player from Kashmir. She was also invited by US Consulate to participated in sports visitors program in the year 2019. She is also a proud member of rest of India women’s basketball team.

“My wheels are my wings” – Inshah Bashir

Inshah holds an optimistic view towards her sports career and aspires to become captain of her team. She also expresses her deep gratitude for all who showed faith in her and accepted her disability as their destiny. The accident she met was ordinary and unfortunate but by the virtue of her willpower she brought out the extraordinaire in it. Let it be an example to all, that disabled and abled are alike and it is the state of mind that matters.

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